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King of Ashes

This is a new series of books not related to the Riftwar Cycle. The series will be known as King of Ashes. The first two books have now been named.
Book 1: Embers and Steel.
Book 2: Blood and Flames


The title of the series is yet to be named. See Changes again for King of Ashes - War of Five Crowns

The King of Ashes was the working title for a new series of books, not related to the Riftwar Cycle. There are currently planned 3 books, the titles of which will be made known at a future time.

This series previously went under the working title of The War of Five Crowns, fo rmore information see the FAQ What is The War of Five Crowns.

No further information is known at this time, though as more is revealed, we will certainly make it known.


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