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With new happenings in the world of Raymond E. Feist taking place across the globe daily, we will endeavor to keep you informed, whether it be the latest news or book tours, other events or future releases, and maybe the occasional competition.

But with all things there are only so many hours in a day we can spend on the site, researching new, and up-dating existing information. If you have news of an event, maybe a new release in some far flung corner of the globe, and its not already here, we would be pleased to hear from you, so please contact us and let us know.

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Tue Feb 25th, 2020 is now part of Crydee

Posted in Latest News

Many already know of, created by Ralph Askren many years ago, and home of the Map of Midkemia and more.

At some point this year Elvandar be closing down, so at the request of Ralph, we have added the site to Crydee. Rather than merge the content into the existing design, it has been decided to leave the site in its familiar format and locate it in a sub-domain of Crydee.

The new location is

In general the only things that have changed are some outdated links. Other than that the site will stay as is.


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