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Midkemia Map

Sunday December 13th, 1998

Ralph Askren has created a very well done map of Midkemia. Here's how he introduced it to the list:

If you are like me, you long for an official atlas of Midkemia. I read recently on the list that this may be in the works. However, until one is available, you may want to check out this link:

I hope you enjoy viewing this map as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Be patient while it loads as it is composed of four parts (all of which are large graphics). I have tried to combine the geographical features from the maps in the Riftwar series, Prince of the Blood, the two computer games, and the map seen as a background image at the Midkemia Press web site. This work is not intended to be the definitve map of Midkemia. It is simply a labor of love and has been a useful tool as I have explored the world of R.E.F.'s (and associates) imagination.

Everyone should definitely check it out, as the map is extremely cool. Thanks, Ralph!


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