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Faerie Queen from Raymond E. Feist's 'Faerie Tale

Faerie Queen from Raymond E. Feist's 'Faerie Tale - Copyright by Andrea Osakoda
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Andrea Osakoda

Though it was a pretty scary book (it being dark fantasy), I really loved reading 'Faerie Tale'. I was especially intrigued by the fae portrayed in the book, and its relations to actual myths and fairy tales. This one is done completely by computer. I drew a quick sketch (took about 10 minutes) and then redrew it manually to create vector graphics. I was tempted to use the 'trace' or 'magic wand' options, but wanted to keep the sketch in light pencil, thinking to alter it later. I found I have more control if I vectored the entire thing, and I think this pic took me all week to do (during my free time). This is my first time doing a vectored character image like this, but I like the results (though compressing it to jpg really mucked it up!). I'll also try to post the black & white original scan as well. I used CorelDraw 10 & 11 to draw this in the computer.

Andrea Osakoda - All rights reserved. Displayed by Permission

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