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Your looking for something, not sure where to look ?

Try using the menus, they are fairly intuitive. You could even even try searching the website. But remember the less words you use the greater the matches. So if you don't find a match, reduce the number of words and try again, and please do check your spelling, so often when we look at what has been searched for, we see that a simple typing error has occured, resulting in no results being found. In addition to the Main search which covers the whole content of the website, except the Quiz. We have also provided two other search facilities which are content speific, one for the Encyclopedia, and another for the FAQ. These however are restricted to search only the 'Titles' of the content.

Navigation via internal links

Like most websites we provide internal links to other content that may be of interest to our visitors, and although it is quite extensive, it is not exhaustive. To help with this linking we use a level of automation, which also provides for consistency of a link, these links can be identified by a symbol displayed after the link, as below. In all cases where a term is used, and the symbol is present, it will link to the same destination. Links without the symbol, but with the same term, may link to different content, depending on where they are being used. 

General link - Will take you to content of varying nature

Encyclopedia Link - Will take you to an entry in the Encyclopedia

Synopsis Link - Will take you to the books Synopsis

You have a book, and want to know how much its worth ?

Please do not contact us and ask for a valuation of a book, as we do not like to say no, but will. Also do not use the prices of books in the Trading Post as an accurate figure for your books. Book value is an individual thing, it depends on many factors, including printing, revision, condition, and scarcity. Provenance can also be a factor. If you see a dealer has a book appearing to be identical to yours, it may not be. Also do not expect them to offer you the same price, in fact expect that they may offer you only 20%, or maybe even less.


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