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With new happenings in the world of Raymond E. Feist taking place across the globe daily, we will endeavor to keep you informed, whether it be the latest news or book tours, other events or future releases, and maybe the occasional competition.

But with all things there are only so many hours in a day we can spend on the site, researching new, and up-dating existing information. If you have news of an event, maybe a new release in some far flung corner of the globe, and its not already here, we would be pleased to hear from you, so please contact us and let us know.

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Fri Mar 17th, 2023

Latest book update

Posted in Latest News

Ray just posted.

After consulting with my editor, I get to keep my job.  Seriously, what originally was projected as a two book project, The DragonWar will be another trilogy. Book One, A Darkness Returns, should be handed in this month. (Unless I get a phone call from an insanely beautiful woman who owns a distillery or win the Lotto.  Either of those happen, all bets are off).


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