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Teani - Copyright by Neomi van Aerde
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Neomi van Aerde

After re-reading the Empire-trilogy of R.E.F I decided that there were some women who looked stunning, but are very dangerous. Anyway, this is Teani, one of my favourite characters. She was the concubine of Mara's husband, but also a spy for Mara's blood-enemy, the Minwanabi. Will not tell you more, or else it'll be a major spoiler:) But she is very cool,I tried to make her skin look a bit Asian, and her hair reddish/goldish. Since metal is very rare on Kelewan, the fact that she is wearing metal jewelry proves that her master (the Minwanabi-master) thinks she does her job very well, and that she is important to him. She did not swear loyalty to the Minwanabi, but to show she is part of their House, she is wearing their colors, orange and black.

Neomi van Aerde - All rights reserved. Displayed by Permission

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