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We are the Firstborn!

We are the Firstborn! - Copyright by Neomi van Aerde
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Neomi van Aerde

Here is finally one of my newer pictures,and one of my favourites.This one I made after (re)reading one of the books of my favourite writer Raymond E.Feist. A lot of people believe that the Elves are the Firstborn,but they're wrong.In the old times when the gods were still fighting for their places in the sky,the Valheru were created. The Valheru were the first race to place foot upon a planet,and were cruel people who fought for everything,for their lives,but also for gold,jewels,and just power.These people, beautiful in an alien way, rode on dragons,and that's why they were called the Dragon Lords. This one here is called Alma-Lodaka.She created the Pantathians,or serpent-people.Lovingly they called her Mother of Serpents,and after her death in the Chaos War,the started some kind of cultus to bring her back, but anyway,you'll have to read it yourself in Feist's books=) These Valheru just ultimatley fascinated me,these people,cruel and beautiful, are just the nearly perfect fantasy-figures.They've got everything,that unhuman beauty,the wonderful outfits,and OMG the dragons=) Anyway,I could keep going on about them forever,so I'd just say: Enjoy

Neomi van Aerde - All rights reserved. Displayed by Permission

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