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About Us

This site is basically a one man operation funded and maintained by John, he receives no donations, only goodwill and occasional help from his wife.

For some years now this site Crydee, was known as, 'The Semi-official Raymond E. Feist Website'. Before that it was the ‘Raymond E. Feist Reference Pages', and for the really old, before was even conceived back on the 3rd August 1999, it was known as 'Magic-Box' which originated back in 1997. To see how it has changed, take a look at the Historical Screenshots, we are sure you will agree it has improved. 

In January 2007 in the year of the 25th Anniversary of ‘Magician', Raymond E. Feist gave John his permission to become 'The Official Raymond E Feist Website'. And so it was decided a facelift was in order, the whole website would be given a re-vamp. Work commenced in January, and after more than a thousand hours of work, the new Crydee was born, going live in the middle April 2007. 

With plenty of work still to be done to complete the facelift, were almost there, but then John can always find little bits to add for others fans to enjoy.

Please note that the only section that Raymond E. Feist actually does personally is in the section ‘REF Talks', he does give us notice of news and tours etc, which we add to the ‘What's Happening' section.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have had to add this note, as there are still those out there who don't get it, or want to get it. This site is not finacially supported by Raymond E. Feist, or his publishers - see the first paragraph.


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