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Historical Screenshots

So as to preserve some of Crydee's history, we have below screen shots taken over the years.

Before Crydee

Back in 1997-1998 before came into existence, their was a small website going under the name of Magic-Box. At the time it was never invisaged that it could grow into the monster it is today.

Crydee 2002 Entrance

By 2002 had already grown to such an extent that that it was already probably the largest Raymond E. Feist websites on the internet. During this time it went under the name of "The Raymond E. Feist Reference Pages". had already absorbed the Raymond E Feist Internet Resource Index back in 2001.

Crydee 2002 Bookcase

This image, again from the 2002 Incarnation, though may have neen slightly later, shows a Bookcase, that had been created as an alternative interface to the publication information

Crydee 2002 Semi-Official

During the latter part of 2002, Ray suggested we should become 'semi-official'. So the name grew and became known as 'The Raymond E. Feist Reference Pages - Semi-Official Raymond E. Feist Website'

Crydee 2004 January Facelift

As 2004 approached, it was seen that Crydee needed a major facelift, ridding itself of its earlier cumbersome menu structure, and replacing it with a database driven website. Unfortunately, after much time had been spent sorting the site content ready for the database, the database, was dropped, and a simpler HTML approach used when the site went live in January 2004. 

At this point had taken over the task of maintaining the Feistfans-l Archive.

Crydee 2004

As 2004 progressed, a number of improvements were made, including the addition of the Raymond E. Feist Ring banner on the front page.

Crydee 2005

By 2005 we had made yet further changes to include a better cascading menu interface.

Crydee 2007 January

At the end of 2006 and for the first three months of 2007, very little work was done on the live website. Little did anyone know that in the background a major facelift was again underway, but this time the whole site was changing, so that it would run from a database Content Management System. In addition to this we had recieved Rays permission to become Official, though this was not to be revealed till the new website went live.


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