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Errors and Inconsistencies

This article is by the webmaster of Crydee. It is not to be interpreted as an expression of the views of Raymiond E. Feist.

So you think you found an error or inconsistency?

Have you considered that you as the reader 'think' you know all that has been written in all the books, but what is written and what is read is dependent on the writers ability to use well structured English, and your ability to correctly interpret that well structured English, resulting in the intended message getting across. Characters know only part of the story, their perception of events and knowledge can be influenced by their point of view, information they are privy to, and a thousand other things, including loss of memory through ageing.

For example in one book a character may say they were attacked by 100 men, in a later re-telling of the story, it may become 1000 men, and yet later 10000 men. As the fame of the event grows, so maybe does the exageration. Its like the fish that got away, it was 'So Big'.

And above all remember, a character can 'Lie'.

Also remember that these books have been written over 30 years, and even the authors perception of what he wrote can change over time. His own memories can fail him. How often would you swear somthing is true, only later to find you were in error. You believe that you are infallable, and your memory failed you.

If you do find an error or inconsitency, dont let it spoil your enjoyment of the overall story, say "oops", laugh at it and move on. We enjoy seeing bloopers from movies, so why not books.

If you still feel you really have to say something consider joining the Feistfans-l mailing list, but dont be surprised if the author and other members arn't too over concerned with observation on the errors.

But as a last resort, if you really have to say something to us, we can read your email, maybe even pass it on if it is politely written, but their is absolutely no guarantee that anything can be done about the errors and inconsistencies, you may not even hear back from us, or anyone else, as we are an independendet site.


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