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Handling SPAM Emails

To anyone receiving SPAM emails appearing to come from ****@

Please do not forward these emails to any address at, as they will probably get picked up by the anti-SPAM software and just deleted.

This is not because we at don't care about SPAM, but because the address is being spoofed, and the emails do not originate here. If you need to reject the email please reject it to the originating IP and not the domain, this can be found in the full email headers.
NOTE :We have recently found that the IP address of the domain is also being spoofed in emails, so even this may not be accurate. 

As webmaster and owner I am fully aware of all legitimate email addressess, and email sent from the domain, and know none of it is SPAM. If you feel you really need to contact someone here, look at the addresses in contact us.

I receive over 1000 SPAM emails a day, and many more DSN's for undeliverable SPAM mail. My personal policy on SPAM is to delete them and not report them, as there is a risk that those you report to, may be harvesting the email addresses, and the whole thing starts again.



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