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Forbidden Planet, London UK, 2006 - Review

by Tammy Bunting

After a dodgy start with what appeared to be a lack of coordination in the store, being told 'The signing will take place downstairs near the fantasy books'. Off we went across the road to a coffee shop for refreshments, and a chat. On return, we found that the whole display was gone, and when we asked was told 'Oh, we have had so many phone calls that it's been moved upstairs, you have to go out the front of shop, walk up the road, turn left, next road on left queue at back door'. (tradesman's entrance)

Great we thought, thinking a poster or something would be on a door, 'No', just a grey door a few feet from the delivery access of the shop, and a few more grey doors.

I must say I was disappointed!

No visible announcement in front window, just tiny one on door. Some staff didn't even know a signing was taking place, not a good start in my book, and being asked to wait in the back road felt like we should still be in a closet as fantasy fiction readers. Well sorry, I'm proud and happy to be seen reading wonderful works of imagination, I personally feel more people would have been interested and maybe converted had it been handled differently.

Once the door opened for the signing it was worth all the hassle, Mr Feist had a smile and time for everyone, he answered questions and during quiet moments, when some were shy, he retold stories about various things involving other signings or things about items another fan had bought along to be signed.

Rebecca of Harper Collins was extremely pleasant and interested in what fans had to say about past publications, and those that they hope will be forthcoming in the future. (i.e. 25th Anniversary Magician)

Mr Feist although Jet-lagged, signed with fluid gusto, and all I hoped as we waited till the end was that his pen didn't run out, or I would have a very deflated John to cheer up.

The Forbidden Planet staff that actually presided over the signing session were polite, helpful ,and not once to my view tried to rush Mr Feist, or Fan.

My overall opinion of this signing:-

Forbidden Planet - bad start, but we all make mistakes, so forgiven. Wonderful store which has an amazing selection of books and other fiction things. In their own department the staff have a great product knowledge, and well worth a visit if your in London with a little time to spare.

Rebecca of Harper Collins - a pleasant young lady who seemed to really want to know what the fans liked or disliked. I would say a great asset to the publishers, and to them I would like to say thanks for organising this tour of signings.

The great man himself - Mr Feist - Well what can I say, the man is a giant among men with a giving soul. Not only does he give us such great works of imaginary wizardry, but he gives us the fans his time. A cheerful seeming man, with a smile for all, and I'm sure that smile could melt many a lady. In the hour we were there, he brought delight to many.

I?would say if anyone out there has thought twice about going, if you have the time and chance still to go to one of the signings in this tour, I don't think you'd be disappointed, this was my first and I found it educational and the great man is extremely charming.


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