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Where can I find free REF books or review before I purchase?

Define what you consider free? There is a ton of places that offer you the ability to read books for free or for a small, small fee. The first thing that comes to mind is your local Library. You can check the book out for a few days and return it, and libraries will charge nothing for it. You can go to Barnes ‘N' Nobles or Borders, find the book and sit down and read a few chapters to review before you purchase it.

Back in the past, paperback books cost $5.99. Now these throw away books cost $7.99. Other countries prices vary, but it's the matter of working a small job. Mow peoples lawns, Shovel their driveway all for a small time fee. Within a week you should raise enough cash to buy one of these paperback books.

You can also read the first chapter or so of many of the books in Previews courtesy of thr publishers 

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