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As the end approaches, how you feel about the task of ending the entire Riftwar Cycle?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 21 May 2009

It's a challenge. Mostly I think the scope of the concept will work fine in delivering a payoff that's appropriate to the entire cycle, but  you always wonder if you can juggle  enough of the elements that worked so far, the smaller personal stories, new characters and old, the big universe shattering stuff, etc.

As for a kind of release?  I don't know.  I won't know until it's over.  We're already talking about "what's next?" and have a half-dozen things kicking around.  One thing, we may at last finalize the concept for the Atlas and get on with that.  We also have an "alternative media" project, and no one has a clue what that really is going to look like.  So, it'll be three or four years before I really know how ending the cycle will feel, and even then I'm going to be busy.

Best, R.E.F.

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