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Errors in A Crown Imperilled / Imperiled

There is known to be an error in A Crown Imperilled, where an earlier draft of a chapter was returned to the publisher. It is difficult to detail too much on the issue without providing spoilers. The following is a response from Ray, taken from the article mentioned in our news item.

This error is so far known to affect UK, Australia, New Zealand Hard Cover first printings. It may also affect US first printings.


Dear Reader,

Putting a book together is a collaborative undertaking, but ultimately the responsibility for errors falls to the author. Even if someone introduces an error in production, the author is given the opportunity to read the final manuscript and should spot it. A Crown Imperilled has such an error, one potentially annoying to the reader. In the last stage of production, I inadvertently inserted a much early draft version of part of one chapter in lieu of the final draft, which resulted in a continuity gaff. For this I deeply apologize, and will do my very best to not repeat such a mistake. It’s the first real gaff in thirty years, and doubly galling because I know how it was supposed to read. Thank you for years of support.

Raymond E. Feist

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