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How did Faerie Tale come about and, any chance you'll write something like this again?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 14 April 2012

If I get the chance, I'd like to do another contemporary fantasy.  It came about because I wanted to spread out a little before I got known as "the Midkemian author," so I could show I can do other things.  The idea itself came about because over the years I asked three questions. 1) who were the magi? (historically.  It's pretty interesting really) 2) what if fairies were real? 3) why if humans have been around about a half-million years, give or take a week, do we have only 10,000 years of history, give or take a week?  I'd been asking those questions for years and after I did research on the magi nothing happened, until years later one day I said, "We have only 10,000 years of history because every time humanity got civilized, the fairies beat them back into the stone age until the magi rose up and stopped them!

Then all I had to do was think up a story around that, which took another couple of years.


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