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How to start a new subject / thread

For clarification in mailing list terms it is a Thread, not a Subject.

When starting a new thread don't just reply to a message sent by someone else and clear the subject line.

Not all e-mail and news clients behave like yours and will thread messages correctly based on the "Message-ID:", "In-Reply-To:" and "References:" headers embedded in the messages.

Only programs which don't comply with Internet standards sort messages by subject and call that "threading". When you simply change the subject of a message, all of the threading information remains intact and your new "thread" simply continues at the end of the old one. This is called thread hijacking.

By doing this, you do yourself no favours. First of all, people following a thread don't want to see unrelated messages cropping up in the middle of it. The most complacent will just delete your message without reading it, others will killfile you, some having complained to you asking you to learn how to post. Secondly, those who aren't interested in the hijacked thread and who have set their programs to ignore it won't even see your message.

If you want to start a new thread then use your mailer's/newsreader's "New Message" function. This will start a fresh thread of your own without any traces of previous threads.


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