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How well trained are the soldiers of the Kingdom ?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 02 May 1996

Well, you're getting much more into nuts and bolts stuff than I ever did. The answer, really is "?" Probably the level of training of both forces varies from place to place, garrison to garrison.

The armies of the nobles are also varied. In the East, they're almost non-existent except as honor garrisons, good for parades. In the west, the father away you are from Krondor, the more serious you have to be. The Far Coast and Sunset Islands are probably the two best armed areas outside direct control from Krondor. Everything inside the Principality is under the direct control of the King's army.

Calis's special unit was created specifically for this war. After this war it was absorbed into the Prince's personal army (which you'll see start in _Honor_). On balance, Principality forces are better trained, but if there's a particularly hot Swordmaster at a garrison that noble's troops may be very good.

Best, R.E.F.


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