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Magician Apprentice Comic Reviews

Issue #001

Reviewed by Tammy Bunting ©2006

I have been given the honour to review the first episode of 'Magician - The Comic' published by Dabel Brothers Publications.

I have never had much time for comics, but this captured me very quickly.

I am extremely impressed with the way the illustrator, Brett Booth, pulls the reader into the spell which is Feist. Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J L Glass have captured the essence of the Raymond E. Feist novel in an exciting and entertaining way. After reading the book, I had a set way that i thought the characters would look like, this workmanship I have looked upon today has opened my eyes to many variable possibilities I had not considered.

We open to be greeted by Pug and Tomas, two young lads who are like brothers, but who's lives we follow down very different paths. Their adventure into and though adulthood introduce us to many colourful characters, the first episode we meet Kulgan, Meecham, and Fantus.

When told of this project a while ago, I wondered if it would cheapen the story and spoil it, my fears were uncalled for, as this has surprised me with the way you are led through the story, which still leaves you to use your imagination, I can foresee many people who are not book readers, being drawn into the world of Feist and being hooked like many of us that are already smitten.

I am sure many who have read the book, will have various opinions, but to any who are new to Feist, have a love of medieval, dragon and knight fantasy style works, this is well worth a look, I for one am looking forward to the continuing adventures.

I would like to take this moment to thank Dabel Brothers for bringing together the talents of many people, not just the wonderful wizardry of the illustrator, who captures us into his artistic spell, and Jess Booth for the striking colouring which helps to bring this alive, but also the behind the scene people who are so often forgotten, without them, this great art work would have never been brought before these humble eyes.


Issue #002

Reviewed by Tammy Bunting ©2006

Here I am again, with the chance to review the second episode of Dabel Brothers adaptation of Raymond E. Feist's 'Magician Apprentice.

I was a little disappointed at the length of time between issues, but the end product was worth the wait, I hope whatever problem caused the delay can be sorted for further issues. As the suspense of waiting was agony.

This new issue continues the adventures of Pug and Tomas, as they get chosen to become apprentices, and take the first milestones of their new lives. A few other familiar faces turn up, but if I say more I could take away the fun, that has so carefully been designed to entrap us. So I will leave you, the reader, to be entwined by it's spell.

Again the wizardry of the team have produced an exciting look into the realms of this fantasy world, all I can add is that I hope the recipe continues.


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