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Fan Fiction - The Facts

Fan Fiction , fanfic or even fan fic. It doesnt matter what you call it, its all the same. 

Now, the "official" notice:

Fans are discouraged from writing any fiction in Midkemia or using any of the characters created by Raymond E. Feist in other settings. While the author understands this practice of "fanfic," or fan fiction stems from enthusiasm over the work, it is nevertheless a copyright infringement and an abuse of the author's legal rights. The author suggests that fans turn that creative impulse into creating their own, original, worlds and characters. It's much more entertaining creating your own universe than working in someone else's.

OK, that's the official disclaimer.

The reason I have to take this position is due to years of abuse by fans of other writers/TV shows/movies. The copyright issues are complex and often don't seem to make sense, but the financial risk to myself and my family is real. So, be the "Raymond E. Feist" of your own universe and have a blast. If you get good at it, you never know, someone might someday be writing you fan mail.

Thanks for understanding.

Best, R.E.F.


To aid in seeing the bigger picture please read Copyright or Copy Wrong.


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