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What is the WWW and Internet?

The WWW stands for World Wide Web and the Internet is the whole thing. Yes, AOLers and newbies of the Internet. The WWW is part of the Internet, as is e-mail, file-sharing, Video conferencing, and UseNet. Unlike contrary belief the USA government made the Internet. Its purpose was to use phone lines and computers to rapidly communicate between military installations, but the USA government stop supplying funding to the group that was hired to make all the protocols and programs. So the colleges picked up the tab and shaped the Internet into what it is now.

However "Big Business" is now adapting the Internet to their needs and are changing it from being the spread of information into a commerce instrument. In the end whoever has the most money will win, as now "Big Business" is pushing the court system into make rulings based on the Internet. And most court cases are determined by who has the deeper pockets and connections, "Big Business" or college students?

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