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"A virus is a self-replicating program containing code that explicitly copies itself and that can "infect" other programs by modifying them or their environment such that a call to an infected program implies a call to a possibly evolved copy of the virus."

Viruses are programs that cause the computer to do operations that the user did not intend to do. The computer is very mindless and stupid thing; it just does a lot of amazing things. However its trapped in that of the world of algorithmic steps (step 1 do this, step 2 do this) and can't break into the world of heuristic problem solving, which is using reasoning based on knowledge, experience, and trial and error. Even its root commands are very simple. It just looks fancy because you're running a graphic user interface based Operating System (O.S.) like Windows. A virus is a program that takes basic computer commands and operating program commands and trashes things on your computer. Virus can delete files, corrupt files, move files, rewrite files, rename files, retrieve information and send that information to an e-mail address or through a port to an IP address. Viruses come in all shapes and forms.

So on the Internet, one can encounter lots of virus or none. It's a matter of steps you take to eliminate potential threats to the safety of your hardware and software.

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