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Why should I maintain the proper posting format or conduct for the group?

A simple understanding is how societies work. UseNet is a society of (lack of a better term) Internet savvy or power users. Not everyone knows about UseNet, the mere fact that your reading this FAQ about it gives you a leg up on those who think the Internet is just e-mail, and web-pages. This concept alone places you in a social group that uses UseNet to conduct your social grouping function in. So in this social group (society) you are to treat, talk and behave in a certain accepted standard. In other words, when you are with your co-workers you don't treat them like relatives, friends, or loved ones (significant other). You treat and talk to them as co-workers.

Now UseNet does offer some unique aspects, and certain steps should be taken so that an individual can intake the information they are seeking, or wish to accept. As there is too much information to consume in one day of normal UseNet activity. So some people set up ever changing guidelines to help those understand what is the social acceptance of conduct that everyone should follow.

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