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How much should I post, and what can I post?

Since general Internet activity is on the rise, the allotted bandwidth (the amount of data the can flow through a channel or line) is limited. Meaning resources are overtaxed and becoming obsolete faster that it can be made. So time to get data is slower and you could miss the stuff that you would have liked to view or download. So posting or uploading as little as possible will free up space.

Posting to a newsgroup about Metallica's next concert in a forum that says it's dedicated to is an obvious bad choice. Most people will say that's [OT] Off Topic and you just wont get the response that you where aiming for. However posting to the newsgroup or will get lots of responses.

As this newsgroup abrf (alt.books.raymond-feist) is about the author Raymond E Feist books. Your topics should center on to his books or about him. You can mention other authors but it better be Feist related like his co-author a book with them or working with them.

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