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Why a title may not be available in eBook format

We often receive at Crydee, questions as to why Raymond E. Feist has not produced an eBook version of this title or that, well the answer is quite simple, Raymond E. Feist is not a publisher,  as he has said "I write books". A publisher may contract/option the rights to produce an eBook variant of a title, however this does not mean one will be produced, or when, as many other factors will need to be considered.

If you are a publisher who is interested in producing eBooks of some of the titles, and would like to know if the rights are available, please contact us and we will be pleased to forward your request.

FAQ answers attributed to Raymond E. Feist are copyright by Raymond E. Feist.
It should also be born in mind that the answer given was only applicable on the date written, and to a specific question. You may find further, similar questions, in the FAQ.


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