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General FAQs - Other Questions

  1. Why is the ISBN different?
  2. Done to Death
  3. Is my book a First Edition?
  4. Would you write a screenplay if asked?
  5. There's also the old truism that films generally run to a page a minute?
  6. I bet you could write an impressive movie script
  7. Do you have a set price to write a screenplay?
  8. Have you been approached on doing a screenplay for magician?
  9. How do you think your book to movie would go?
  10. Did you plan for the Riftwar to morph into as many books as it has?
  11. Would you change any of the book titles if you could?
  12. Did Rivendell in Lord Of The Rings inspire you to make a great Elven Haven like Elvandar?
  13. What is the order of the Riftwars?
  14. Titles not available in Audio Book format
  15. Why a title may not be available in eBook format
  16. Where did you come up with all this info on medevil warfare ?
  17. It's said that when someone dies, they take another turn on the wheel, but have none of the memories from the past lives. Would they still have the powers they once had?
  18. Are these entire universes outside of the scope of the universe in which the stories take place or just other worlds ?
  19. What general time periods you have been inspired by for the different series?
  20. What changes have been made to book titles?
  21. Is there a basic Plan to the Midkemian books?
  22. Do the various nations of Midkemia have policies related to immigration and international travel?
  23. Did you think up the Dread or is it a Traditional monster?
  24. Are the sons of a Duke princes of that Duchy?
  25. What is Roldem like?
  26. Do the Ashunta have a real world conterpart?
  27. Do the Keshian Truebloods have a real world conterpart?
  28. Have you ever been asked to be on a talk show
  29. I often see the phrase "shouldering his bow", can someone describe this to me?
  30. Who inherited Arutha's Sword
  31. Have you you ever thought of making up an entirely new world/universe?
  32. Do you write short stories
  33. What breed was Blutark
  34. Is there ice cream in Midkemia?
  35. What about surnames?
  36. How many years separates the end of the Chaos Wars and the beginning of the Riftwar
  37. Is there an Ale-brewers guild in Midkemia.
  38. If you were reading your books for the first time what order would you read them in?
  39. I see the Black Robes as similar to the Catholic Church
  40. Who or What lives on the 7 Circles of Hell
  41. If the Demons are so powerful, why don't they just use the Hall of Worlds to get to Midkemia
  42. Will there be any more emphasis or detail put into the dragons of Midkemia
  43. Would the Midkemian wyverns be juvenille dragons or a whole seperate species
  44. Rhuagh mentioned there used to be other Dragons and they fled to the south
  45. How intelligent are Dragons
  46. How powerfull are Dragons
  47. Are we going to see any more action in the Hall of the Worlds
  48. Why was there a Second Printing of Krondor the Assassins before Release Date
  49. Why the huge Price difference between First Edition and Book Club of Magician
  50. Why are Paperbacks are available in Export Markets before Domestic
  51. Is there an overall title for the Midkemia and Kelewan books
  52. What's this RiftMUSH I have heard about
  53. Bureaucracy in Midkemia
  54. How far could your average Kingdom soldier could march in a day?
  55. What does conDoin mean
  56. What type of castle is Crydee
  57. Who form the indigenous Races of Midkemia
  58. What is SFBC Science Fiction Book Club
  59. Who would be the author's choices for the various characters in a movie?
  60. Why was Aruthas sword left Hanging on a Wall, isn't it a powerful item?
  61. What way does Midkemia rotate
  62. Who created any god/creator? Which came first, the egg or the chicken ?
  63. Do the Saaur know how to make and control rifts ?
  64. Origin of Elves and Dragons
  65. Did you know when you wrote Magician who the Enemy really was?
  66. Who did the maps of Kelewan and Midkemia?
  67. Why is Midkemia the target of so many rifts?
  68. What happens during each Riftwar?
  69. What do you mean there's more than one Riftwar?
  70. How do rifts form?
  71. What dwarven kingdoms are there?
  72. When Pug died and Lims-Kragma gave him choices, which one did he choose?
  73. What would happen if someone were to name their child Nalar?
  74. So what exactly was the Lifestone?
  75. Why didn't the Pantathians simply create a Rift for the Enemy to come through?
  76. Where can I find an out-of-print version of <x>? And how much can I expect to pay for it?
  77. What is the Krondor franchise?
  78. What are the various Midkemian accents like?
  79. What nation has the best soldiers?
  80. Besides Stardock, are there any other schools in Midkemia?
  81. Can you explain the "circles" of existence in more detail?
  82. Do You still own the Typewriters you wrote Magician with ?
  83. How is the military organized in the Kingdom?
  84. Who inherited the sword that Arutha used to slay Murmandamus?
  85. The US cover art sucks for <x>. Why doesn't REF do something about this?
  86. Where can I find the Raymond E Feist Ring
  87. What about a television series?
  88. Why isn't there a blend of technology and magic in the Kingdom?
  89. What about a card game (a la Magic:The Gathering)?