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If the Demons are so powerful, why don't they just use the Hall of Worlds to get to Midkemia

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 22 February 1997

OK, it's simple. Demons from time to time have blundered into the hall, as have dread and other really nasty critters. Like every other really nasty critter to enter the hall, they start running into equally nasty critters. Eventually, they meet their match and that's the end of the demon or dread, no matter how much damage they do along the way.

Sure a demon has made it into the hall, found a door into another world and entered. Some ended up VERY flat when they found out the world they entered was a Jovian type super gas giant. Even a demon's powers are limited under 10,000gs. Or they discovered they weren't very adept at breathing methane. Or they hit a technelogical world and found themselves at ground zero when the locals cut lose with a low level tactical nuke; even the best magic breaks down when you're atoms are being randomized.

Or they pillaged the world and ate everything in sight, and then died of starvation after a couple of hundred years.

As Boldar said to Miranda, few wander the Hall for very long who can't take care of themselves.

Best, R.E.F.



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