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General FAQs - Places

  1. What kingdom does the Peaks of Quor belong too?
  2. Are you going to continue with Honest john later down the track?
  3. Did Rivendell in Lord Of The Rings inspire you to make a great Elven Haven like Elvandar?
  4. Is there a particular race who is native to the Hall?
  5. How did Boldar find the Hall of Worlds?
  6. Are these entire universes outside of the scope of the universe in which the stories take place or just other worlds ?
  7. I remember Macros giving some story about the inhabitants of Villa Beata, Was it True?
  8. How big was the Stadium where the games Pug attended were held?
  9. How big is Crydee ?
  10. What gave you the idea for Barrett's?
  11. What is sea travel like on Midkemia?
  12. Who built Armengar?
  13. Where is Winet?
  14. Who created Elvandar?
  15. What does Morealin mean?
  16. What is Crydee like?
  17. What are the Isalani like?
  18. What are the people and politics of Roldem?
  19. How big is Roldem?
  20. Do the various nations of Midkemia have policies related to immigration and international travel?
  21. Where did the Kingdom start?
  22. How big is Novindus?
  23. Is there a separate Hadati Tongue or is it essentially Yabonese?
  24. On Kelewan are there any other lands than Tsubar, Thuril, and Tsuranuanni?
  25. What is Roldem like?
  26. Do the Ashunta have a real world conterpart?
  27. Do the Keshian Truebloods have a real world conterpart?
  28. What is Sorcerers Isle like
  29. Is Krondor the Biggest City in the Kingdom of the Isles
  30. How big is the Kingdom of the Isle
  31. How big is Krondor?
  32. Where did the name Tsuranuanni originate ?
  33. What Earth nationality are the Rodezians like?
  34. How did you think up the Hall of Worlds?
  35. How does the Hall of Worlds work
  36. Have you ever written, or do you plan to write about Winet?
  37. Any plans for more books based in Kesh
  38. What about surnames?
  39. The Elves always say "The river you call Crydee." what do they call the river?
  40. What does Armengar look like
  41. Where did the idea for Armengar come from
  42. If the Demons are so powerful, why don't they just use the Hall of Worlds to get to Midkemia
  43. Is the Tsurani influence in LaMut still noticeable in the RPG time period?
  44. What is the culture of Kesh
  45. What language do those in LaMut speak
  46. How Big is Midkemia
  47. How big is Novindus
  48. How high are the Grey Towers
  49. What type of castle is Crydee
  50. How come the Free Cities,Queg, Roldem, and other smaller kingdoms were never conquered by the Kingdom?
  51. What is Stardock like in the period of the RPG?
  52. Will we ever see anything about Winet?
  53. What are the biggest cities in the Kingdom?
  54. What dwarven kingdoms are there?
  55. What are the Dragonlands?
  56. What is Queg like?
  57. Hey, isn't <some province> in the Kingdom a lot like <some country> on Earth?
  58. Where do place and character names come from ?
  59. What is the Keshian Confederacy?