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How big is Crydee ?

From: Raymond Feist
Date: 05 January 2008

Crydee has about 2,000 locals, including those in outlying hamlets, but it's also the administrative seat for the Duchy, so the bulk of the ducal military contingency is there.  At the opening of the book, Borric has about 400 men at arms under his direct command, about a hundred of them scattered around the duchy in outposts like Jonril (about 40 there), a few base camps near the mounts (10 men each) and those guys get rotated around.

Some of the men at arms are also detailed to other duties, such as farming, fishing, and labor in support of the living overhead, as the duke can't simply buy everything from the locals he needs.

At the time of the journey to Krondor, Borric took what would be considered his "personal" guard, and a few others, leaving about 200 men at arms in the castle, another fifty in the village and those in outlying areas alerted.  By the time the war broke out, with militia and levies, there were close to 800 men ready to defend the area, with similar garrisons in Tulan and Carse.

Best, R.E.F.

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