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Do the various nations of Midkemia have policies related to immigration and international travel?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 17 November 1996

Well, this is one of those "lose your modern perceptions" questions. Most people don't travel. If you look at Earth history, you realize for every one Marco Polo there's a million peasants who stayed home and never went more than 20 miles from their village their entire life.

So, people go pretty much where they want, unless there's a war on. Now, you don't go some places because non-citizens don't have many rights (Queg is a great example). But when you get into a foreign nation, you can have problems if you're not careful, even if getting there was relatively easy.

So, you can wander down into Kesh, probably grab a ride on a ship, but once you're there if you come to the attention of the local authorities, you might be asked, "What brings you here?" and if you answer isn't a good one . . .

Also remember, there are no tourists in Midkemia. Most people are too busy keeping a roof over their head and making a living to be doing anything like recreational travel. As for immigration, it's an alien concept unless a population is displaced by war. No one is moving to the Kingdom because they can get forty acres and a mule, or because there's going to be a land rush on in Yabon or any of the modern, American/European concepts of heading out of the Old Country and moving to the US or Australia, for example.

So, mostly the answer is, "the question is mostly moot."

Best, R.E.F.

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