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How do you arrive at book titles and have any had alternatives?

From: Raymond Feist
Date: 15 June 2004

I rarely boggle over titles. I usually nail them right away. Magician was, however, going to be "the Riftwar" until my editor at the time, Adrian Zackheim, decided it was "too science fiction" and asked me to change it.

The last two books in Conclave are now the 1st three books in the Darkwar Saga (long publishing story as to why the change). So, "Agent of Madness," is now "Agent of Chaos," which I will almost certainly change
soon because 1) I don't like it as much and 2) it's the title of a Poul Anderson novel. Maybe "Agent of Darkness." Anyway, the other two are "Into a Dark Realm," and "The Bad Guys Go Boom" (OK, so I'm kidding about the last one. It's "Wrath of a Mad God")

Best, R.E.F.


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