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General FAQs - About Writing

In 'About Writing' you will find some answers to questions on the writing process.

  1. Do you use outlines ?
  2. Do you tend to write the book in chapter sequence, or jump around a bit?
  3. How long have you how the Riftwar Cycle will end?
  4. When and how did you get into fantasy?
  5. Do you continue to collaberate with others, or is everything created by you alone these days?
  6. How much input did Janny Wurts have in sculpting the every day life of the Tsurani?
  7. How did the general storyline and character developments come about in the Empire Trilogy?
  8. Can the books be longer?
  9. Why do errors creep in when as you say you have 4 editors?
  10. Do you do much editing of your own work or do you create the magic in one go?
  11. Did you hate writing about any of your characters?
  12. Did you personally have any problems with characters you have terminated over the years?
  13. Do you get a thrill from making a reader feel what you wanted them to?
  14. At some times during the day I find I can't write, any idea why?
  15. Whats your take on Writers Block?
  16. Do you have a system when you get down to writing?
  17. Did you jump right in on Magician? Or was it a compilation of stories you built over time?
  18. Do you plan to focus more on the main characters in the final books or have them interact with more you create?
  19. Is it difficult to decide what background information is shown to the readers?
  20. What inspires the philosophy that is contained within all of the books that you've written?
  21. Copyright or Copy Wrong
  22. What inspires the philosophy that is contained within all of the books that you've written?
  23. A Theory on Writers as Characters
  24. What was it like writing One To Go for Thieves' World
  25. Do you write a flowchart for the book your writing?
  26. How did you find the time to write Magician?
  27. Would you write a screenplay if asked?
  28. How do you go about fabricating a story?
  29. There's also the old truism that films generally run to a page a minute?
  30. I bet you could write an impressive movie script
  31. Do you have a set price to write a screenplay?
  32. Have you been approached on doing a screenplay for magician?
  33. Why did "insert character name" die?
  34. Did you plan for the Riftwar to morph into as many books as it has?
  35. As the end approaches, how you feel about the task of ending the entire Riftwar Cycle?
  36. Are the characters someone you want to be?  Or are they simply just characters?
  37. Why did Arutha die in such a lame way?
  38. What working titles existed, but were dropped?
  39. Would you change any of the book titles if you could?
  40. Did Rivendell in Lord Of The Rings inspire you to make a great Elven Haven like Elvandar?
  41. Do you know the overall plan of what you want to write in the day?
  42. How much do you write a day ?
  43. Do you ever miss writing about characters that have moved out of the story either through death or just the story line?
  44. Have you had this whole arc in place since the time you wrote Magician or has it eveolved as you wrote the other books?
  45. Spelling and Typos
  46. Which character did you feel the closest too while writing, and which are you most proud off?
  47. You mention that the darkwind sweeps across Krondor, did Arutha, Martin and Lyam also feel it.
  48. Please write more about the Empire and Kelewan i like the complexity and intrigue
  49. Why did Catherine marry Borric, when she really loved Guy?
  50. I have a background story, map, places. Am I on the right track?
  51. More on the art of writing
  52. How much work you do at the beginning of a series, and how much happens during the process?
  53. Do you prefer writing long or short stories ?
  54. Who would win a fight between 'A' and 'B' ?
  55. Did you have the whole history of Midkemia worked out years before the books?
  56. I have this idea for a book.
  57. Fan Fiction , fanfic or even fan fic
  58. Do you suffer from sub-consciously drawing on past reading experiences?
  59. How to be a Writer?
  60. The question of Off camera things?
  61. How does joint writing work?
  62. Where did you come up with all this info on medevil warfare ?
  63. How did you and Janny Wurts work together on the Empire Trilogy?
  64. What exactly does "Uncorrected Proof" mean?
  65. What's your favorite characters that you have created?
  66. I noticed most chapters start somwthing like 'XXX shouted' or similar, any special reason why
  67. How did you originally develop the world of Midkemia and Empire of the Tsurani?
  68. Are the books characters to a certain extent based upon real life people ?
  69. Why did you decide to go with dragons instead of some other creature like Demons or maybe Chamura when creating the Dragon Lords?
  70. Why did you choose The Kingdom of Isles instead of Kesh?
  71. Do you consider the reader when writing your plots ?
  72. Did you have a rough history of the Riftwars and Midkemia when you started writing ?
  73. Why didn't we see Character 'X' in book 'Y'
  74. When I sit down to write I totally lose the story
  75. I want to be a writer, but how ?
  76. Is there a Jakob Boehme connection?
  77. Why was Arutha Jamison's generation skipped in the storyline?
  78. Do you have any Tips for an aspiring writer
  79. Did you have any publishers reject Magician when you first tried to sell it ?
  80. After the success of Magician were you pressured to write a second book as good or better?
  81. Will there be any more revised books?
  82. How did R.E.F. and Janny Wurts work together to write the Kelewan series?
  83. How much time do you spend writing each day?
  84. What changes have been made to book titles?
  85. How much background was written for Midkemia , before the books?
  86. Is there a basic Plan to the Midkemian books?
  87. What advice would you give to someone writing their first novel?
  88. What continents in our world resemble places in yours?
  89. What is your favorite part of the novels to write?
  90. On writing #1
  91. On writing #2 - How much can I expect to earn?
  92. Do/did you use any formula for the names you use in your books?
  93. How did you write in Collaboration with Janny Wurts?
  94. What do you feel when you kill off characters?
  95. Do you have a character that you enjoy writing about more than the others?
  96. Where did the name Tsurani come from ?
  97. Did you know the entire Riftwar Saga when you started to write the Magician?
  98. Do you find it hard to remember locations, and charaters names?
  99. How do you arrive at book titles and have any had alternatives?
  100. Do you have any say as to whether or not the chapters are named?
  101. How do you go about writing a book
  102. What's your take on that idea that a writer can only write about what they have experienced.
  103. What is an Advance Reader Copy (ARC)? A copy the publisher send to critics?
  104. Did you have a day job when you started to write?
  105. I hear Magician was typed on a real 'Typwriter', what happened to them.
  106. Have you ever been tempted to cameo yourself or someone you know in any of your books?
  107. How and what to expect.. REF on Writing
  108. REF on Books
  109. Why is it Honoured and not Honored in the books
  110. Why does the description of some characters sound like others
  111. Why is a word or a phrase sometimes italisized
  112. Why the character list at the front of Shadow of a Dark Queen
  113. Do you try and keep continuity
  114. Why are you so optimistic about your characters, no one in Magician seemed to be 'bad'
  115. What themes does Magician have
  116. Why does Ray kill off characters
  117. Evil Characters
  118. Are the books characters to a certain extent based upon real life people ?
  119. Where do place and character names come from ?
  120. Writers Secrets 104
  121. What is Raymond E Feist's writing style