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Writers Secrets 104

From:    Raymond E. Feist
Date:    17 October 1995

Here are some examples of name games.

Tsurani.  There's a tribe in West Africa called the Songhi, and I wanted to originally call them the Tsonghi, just because the Ts digraph in the initial position is rare in English (actually, it's non-existent in English, save in browed words).  Then Paul Tsongus got elected, so I went for another west African tribe, the Serani, just changing the spelling a bit.  They're from that portion of Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Guanna, etc. where the Mandinka, Worlouf, Uruba, and other tribes lived for centuries.

Xacatecas.  There's a town in Mexico called Zacatecas.  Change the X to Z.

Acoma.  There's a pueblo in New Mexico called Acoma.  An hold Navaho or Hopi community (I forget which).

Keda.  I took the ancient clan Takeda in Japan and lost the "Ta."

That's how you play the name game.

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