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Do you use outlines ?

From: Raymond E. Feist

Date: 15 March 2012

I don't use outlines.  I know where a book is going to end, and simply start writing toward that ending.

As for foreshadowing, that began in earnest in Shadow, but the events before that are a little hard to explain.  From my point of view I write historical novels about Midkemia, so when I wrote Magician, I put stuff in there that reflected earlier history and later events.  So when I got to the point it was clear I'd end up doing two or more additional rift wars, I looked at things I had done earlier that would serve as foreshadowing.  One example: when demons started showing up, in Silverthorn, they were merely summoned critters, but by the time Shadow of a Dark Queen, demons were firmly in my head as having a larger role in the overall arc of the story.  If that all makes sense.

Best, R.E.F.

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