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Hey, isn't <some province> in the Kingdom a lot like <some country> on Earth?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996

Well, it's an easy way to give familiar references without getting really convoluted about it. Assume the Kingdom is really like 17th Century France (about the time of Louis 13th) in the East. In the west, it's a lot more like England of roughly the same time. The Far Coast has a mind-set a lot like frontier America or 19th Century Australia. Bas-Tyra is very French. Assume the "King's Tongue" is a linqua franca, which literally meant "language of the Franks," or "French" during the early Crusades. It's a bastard tongue which includes both eastern and western dialects. But the "pure" language of "Bas-Tyra," is "French." Rodez is Spanish. Ran is something akin to Flemish/Dutch. Salador is a very cosmopolitan city that is very international. Krondor somewhat less so. Darkmoor is obviously German in language but very French in culture, or at the least Alsasian. The Free Cities is very Lebanese/Jewish (think of Beruit and Jerusalem before they got bombed to hell), trading centers much like those ancient eastern Mediterranean city states of old. Oueg is Rome as an Island Nation, with Imperial Romans as nobles, Italians as peasants. The Jal-Pur is Arabic, and Kesh is a mix of many nations: Isalani is China, there's some other eastern cultures, as well as the Brijainers who are essentially Vikings, the Ashuta who are essentially Cheyenne (with a very different attitude toward women), and the "Pure Blood" themselves are a mix between Egyptians and Pathians. That's off the top of my head. I probably have missed a few others.

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