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What is Stardock like in the period of the RPG?

From: Stephen Abrams
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996
Subject: Re: Stardock

400 years from Serpentwar(spoiler warning) Actually it's about half way between the Assembly and what it was started out to be, a school. The current day Stardock is controled primarily by three factions, The Wand of Watoom - arch-conservatives, feeling that magic should only be available to the most talented; The Hands of Quorsh - moderate, those with skill should be trained at Stardock and given proper 'guidance'; and the Blue Riders - that feel that anyone that can use magic, should and will freely train anyone. There are also a substantial number of 'unaligned' magicians (including most Lesser Paths). It is a higher center of magical learning and there is a 'Guild' office in every major city (they're generally 'hard to see' and rumored to really exist in Stardock itself). Stardock is far from 'dying' although parts of it certainly have stilified.

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