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I got this great joke/chain message. Can I post it here as well?

Jokes, humour, satire, and sarcasm should be avoided, as people will take offence. But regardless of that people still do it. The best question is this joke on topic about Raymond E Feist books? If the joke is a blonde joke, then I would have to say don't post it and if you do. Your creditability is going to go down and a flame war will ensue.

Chain-mail is often times a hoax or a scam. Pyramid scams are now illegal and justifiable so as they take money away for the little guy who joined last and gives money to the people high up on the chain. And its not bad luck not to pass the letter on, this is a myth. But if you do believe that, then it's also bad luck to annoy people on the Mailing-List

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