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Why isn't there a blend of technology and magic in the Kingdom?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 
Subject: Re: Technology?
 OK, general answer: magic often replaces technology in Midkemia. Science still exists, as in the orderly examination of things, but it's primarily in the area of magic, rather than physics, chemistry, etc. except as a by product of magic research. There are instances where entire industries have risen around magic (the "mud crafters guild" in Krondor, the "wreckers guild" in the Bitter Sea) as opposed to improvements in technology (building engineering and construction, dredging and diving equipment respectively). In specific, there are lenses, hence things like spy glasses (no microscopes, but yes there are magnifying glasses), but often again with magic, such as the one William used in RoaDK, which is the spyglass from BaK. No printing press, because there's no population density coupled with the other social foces that gave rise to the need for mass production of printed matter. In Midkemia, if you need copies of things, you hire a scribe or a magician. Metal work is specific to armor for the most part, and again a lot of improvement is magic. A sword maker in Rodez may discover carbon steel making, but others will ask magicians to help them fashion great weapons and armo

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