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Where can I find the Raymond E Feist Ring

The Raymond E. Feist Ring was managed by, it was dissolved in March 2007.

After almost 10 years of operation, the membership of the ring had dwindled to one third its peak membership. Many of the better resource websites that had ceased operation/updates have had their Raymond E. Feist Content incorporated into Crydee, following agreement with their previous maintainers. Sites that included items such as the Feistfans-l Archive, Feistfans-l Members List, The Raymond E. Feist Internet Resource Index. With no new sites being added in some time, and the only membership requests being SPAMMERS, it was decided the end had come.

The internet has come of age over the last 5 years, and with search engines such as Google, providing an excellent index of the websites with the better content, this has almost obsoleted the function of Rings.

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