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Is my book a First Edition?

I will not go into the details of which book is a first edition and which is not. That is for you to research.

These comments are a generalisation for all books

Many assume a book is only a First Edition when it is stated


Wrong - some publishers use number lines

Many assume that when First Edition is stated it is the "First Edition"


Wrong - it may only indicate the First Edition for that publisher in possibly that format

Some books use number lines to indicate the edition


Wrong - it usually indicates the Printing revision for that publisher, though often when it indicates its a 1st printing it is also a First Edition Thus

Number lines vary in design


True - though usually the lowest number is the printing

Isn't a 'First Edition Thus' a 'First Edition'  


Wrong - do some research

Many assume Book Club editions are generally worthless


Wrong - do some research

There is only one True First Edition


True - That is the First printing of the book. Proofs are normally ignored in this aspect, as is when a book is available, as often times a book may appear for sale before the official release date.

Many suggest ask "John"


Wrong - Why would a collector give away all the secrets to the best books? Especially when the knowledge has been gained from over 10 years of research.

This is why, its better to pay a good bookstore for their expertise, if you don't have it, rather than making a $1000 mistake. 


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