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Which of the main characters morels and outlook on life and people best reflect your morels and outlook on life on life?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 04 August 2009

I never find myself in my writing, or all of it, the total, is a reflection of self.  Seemingly contradictory, but let me see if I can clear it up.  I never think of my characters in terms of how much like/unlike me their behavior, world view, mores, etc. are.  Rather I look at them as characters in a drama.  So, it that sense, none of them are "like me."  Yet, if you take the total of all my work, the play of pragmatism and idealism, self-serving vs. public-serving, good vs. evil, etc. then you start getting close to my outlook on life.

If that makes sense.

Best, R.E.F.

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