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General FAQs - Questions about Raymond E Feist

Answers to some of the less personal questions asked about Raymond E. Feist.

  1. Do you enjoy doing book tours ?
  2. Who is your favourite writer ?
  3. Have you ever thought of an autobiography?
  4. What do you read for enjoyment?
  5. When and how did you get into fantasy?
  6. Have you ever felt attached to another authors character?
  7. Did you hate writing about any of your characters?
  8. Which of the main characters morels and outlook on life and people best reflect your morels and outlook on life on life?
  9. Do you listen to any podcasts regularly/semi-regularly?
  10. Whats your take on Writers Block?
  11. Do you have a system when you get down to writing?
  12. Did you jump right in on Magician? Or was it a compilation of stories you built over time?
  13. What inspires the philosophy that is contained within all of the books that you've written?
  14. What inspires the philosophy that is contained within all of the books that you've written?
  15. A Theory on Writers as Characters
  16. Do you play and or watch Tennis?
  17. How did you find the time to write Magician?
  18. Would you write a screenplay if asked?
  19. How do you go about fabricating a story?
  20. I bet you could write an impressive movie script
  21. Do you have a set price to write a screenplay?
  22. Have you been approached on doing a screenplay for magician?
  23. How do you think your book to movie would go?
  24. What sports have you always followed?
  25. Are the characters someone you want to be?  Or are they simply just characters?
  26. Are you a coffee drinker?
  27. Where did the name Grindle come from, as in Helmut Grindle?
  28. Spelling and Typos
  29. Do you prefer writing long or short stories ?
  30. Ray, do you have any books that you found to be invaluable?
  31. Which writers have influenced you?
  32. What is your sources on fighting, do you just imagine how it should look like and write it or have you done some ressearch on th
  33. What does Ray Read ?
  34. What does Raymond Feist read?
  35. After the success of Magician were you pressured to write a second book as good or better?
  36. How much time do you spend writing each day?
  37. What were you doing before you became a writer? What made you decide to write?
  38. What is your spirit of choice?
  39. How do you (Ray) prefer to be addressed ?
  40. Do you have any pets
  41. We know Ray likes wine and whisky but what about other spirits
  42. If you were reading your books for the first time what order would you read them in?
  43. Did you have a day job when you started to write?
  44. What does the 'E' in Raymond E. Feist stand for
  45. What is Raymond E. Feists middle name
  46. REF on Books
  47. Raymond E. Feist on wine
  48. What Spirits does REF drink
  49. Does REF smoke a pipe ?
  50. REF's favourite sayings
  51. Which book does REF consider is his best book
  52. Do you ever just go back and read your books again?
  53. REF and computers
  54. Does REF have a Homepage
  55. What is the origin of the name "Feist?"
  56. Has REF read Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan?
  57. Do you ever read your books after they are published?
  58. Why the occasional misspellings on the mailing list?
  59. What is R.E.F.'s favorite <x>? And what does he do for fun?
  60. How did R.E.F. get his start in writing?
  61. Which one of R.E.F.'s books is his favorite?
  62. Where did REF get his email signature from?
  63. Which character is REF most like?
  64. What is Raymond E Feist's writing style
  65. Does R.E.F. have any favorite characters from his books?
  66. Is R.E.F. married?
  67. What authors have influenced R.E.F.?
  68. Does REF have Children ?