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Which character is REF most like?

From: "Raymond E. Feist"
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:59:06 -0800

None of them. There's a common fantasy among Lit 101 types that writers must somehow have a character that represents the writer. Wrong. There's not one character in any book that reprsents my point of view. There's a lot of my ideas and beliefs tied up in a lot of things characters do, but conversely, there's a lot of things I would find impossible to support that characters do. I don't endorse invading other countries or burning huts with babies in them. I don't endorse torture, but Prince Arutha has indulged in it for reasons of state. Now I wish I was as competent as Arutha, as clever as Jimmy, as charming as Laurie, as brilliant as Pug, as tough as Amos, etc. But there's either none of me in any of my characters or a little bit of me in all of them, depending on how to you assess the writing process, but in the main there's none that I'll point to and say, "That's the one."

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