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Race, Religion and Politics

Race, Religion and Politics are hot subjects, and should be avoided at all times during discussions on the Feistfans-l Mailing List, unless the question directly relates to the storyline in the books.

Remember wherever you go , there is always the likelyhood of encountering someone with a different view to yourself, especially on an international mailing list like the Feistfans-l. So please keep your personal opinions personal.

Race, has been a bone of contention for years, 'mine being better than yours' etc. with wars being fought. Again a topic that can degenerate very quickly into argument.

Religion, everyone has their own beliefs on the subject, so what may start out as a comment can soon become a discussion, and degenerate into an argument.

Politics, surprisingly enough, the world does not revolve around one particular country, but the Sun. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, each country / region /district may have its own political system and rules, with citizens having their own views, these views are often based on their concepts of life, and often not on a global perspective, they are designed to meed the needs in their locality. So you can see the scope for disagreement is massive, and hence should be avoided.

If topics like this do slip in think twice on your response, definitely re-read what you have written, to ensure it can not be taken two ways, maybe even consider not posting at all.

Always remember though, posts started by Ray, or of interest to Ray, are on topic for the Mailing list.


FAQ answers attributed to Raymond E. Feist are copyright by Raymond E. Feist.
It should also be born in mind that the answer given was only applicable on the date written, and to a specific question. You may find further, similar questions, in the FAQ.


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