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Why was Nicholas chosen as Prince of Krondor?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995

Sort of. It will be mentioned in passing, but not until Rage of a Damon King. It won't spoil anything for me to tell you, but Erland was back in Rillanon with Borric. Borric named Nicky Prince until Patrick turned 25, because he didn't want Erland on the western throne. For 2 reasons: it would have been tempting to assassinate the King with his twin brother holding the office tradionally held by the heir to the crown, and he's also viewed as having some questionable pro-Keshian sympathies, which may be due to his having played slap and tickle with the woman who is now Empress of Great Kesh. Additionally, he never went through what Borric did, in Prince of the Blood, so he's not quite as "forged" a character. While Borric was fighting his way across Kesh, Erland was getting attacked by semi-naked young women, which while fun for a twenty year old heterosexual male doesn't exactly forge character. And Borric respected what Nicky went through and what he did on his voyage, so he was, in Borric's opinion, a more fit temp Prince than Erland.


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