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General FAQs - Serpentwar Saga

Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the series the Serpentwar Saga.

  1. What happened to Gathis after Shards of a Broken Crown
  2. Any chance of seeing Rays verision of the characters of the Riftwar and Serpentwar?
  3. Does Sergeant Harper in "Shards of a Broken Crown" bears any resemblance to Sergeant Harper in the "Sharpe" series?
  4. What is meant by "time keeps everything from happening at once"
  5. Who was the duke of rillanon after James while the serpent war saga?
  6. It was revealed in SoaDQ that Diigai knew of the LifeStone yet when it was threatened he decided this was a great time to attack the kingdom, weakening their defence of it, but why ?
  7. In RoaDK, how did Sho Pi get from Stardock to Elvandar when the others went to the City Forever?
  8. Did Fadawah ever come up against the dwarves before his death?
  9. What happened to the nomads of the Thunderhell when the Saaur came?
  10. Is "Kitty" from serpent war related to "Kat" From Riftwar Legacy
  11. Why didn't the Kingdom employ the Assembly of Magicians to slow the Serpent Queen?
  12. Why didn't the Kingdom pay good metal to the Tsurani to hire mercenaries to fight the Emerald Queen?
  13. How did Praji & Vaja get to Novindus in SoaDQ when they were in Krondor in tKB?
  14. Is there a basic Plan to the Midkemian books?
  15. Which books cover Riftwar 2?
  16. Is there an overall title for the Midkemia and Kelewan books
  17. Does Erik ever retrieve Bobby's body like he talks about in Shards
  18. Why the character list at the front of Shadow of a Dark Queen
  19. Why is it called the Riftwar/Serpentwar "Saga?"
  20. Why was Nicholas chosen as Prince of Krondor?
  21. How powerful is Tomas at the end of Rage of a Demon King?
  22. Why isn't Don Maitz doing the cover art for the Serpentwar Saga?
  23. What caused the Serpentwar Sage to go from 3 books to 4 ?