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What happens when gods die?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996

Some of it will be WUTNB, but in general gods don't really die. They get put away for a while. Part of the issue is that all human explanations are filtered through human perspective, and given the limits of that perspective, no description would be appropriate. So, with that in mind. Gods come into existence as beings that exemplify what those who worship them expect. Atributes and aspects are defined by the worshipers. What the god is, is defined by that gods nature. So, Lims-Kragma looks like this really beautiful scary babe on a throne, but to another culture, the death god might be a short guy wearing a bowler and spats. Or a eel, or a thing with a bug's head on a gorilla's body. Or whatever. It's still death, and the embodiment of the process of death in the cannon of How Things Work In Midkemia, but the particular aspect may change to suit the times and the audience. So, the old gods didn't die, they just sort of went away, or changed, or took a vacation. . . .

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