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What are the moredhel like?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996

The moredhel aren't "evil" in the classic sense, but they sure are to anyone who isn't a moredhel, as they have a rather "Nazi-like" attitude about race purity. Even other elves who don't see things their way are suspect. They are tribal, and tend to exist in rough confederations of clans, who occupy various areas of the Northlands, and in some pockets south of the Teeth of the World. There are some in the Grey Towers, and some in the Green Heart. There are also some as far as far south as Kesh, but the concentration of numbers is in the north. There can rise, from time to time, a charismatic leader, ala Murmandamus, who acts much as Crazy Horse did when the Sioux rode against Custer. A good model for them might be the Commanche. By the time the Spanish and Mexicans got through with the Commanches, they were among the nastiest, toughest mountain fighters in the Southwest, like the Apache, and great light cavalry, like the Plains Tribes. The big difference is they held grudges, and they had ingenious ways of keeping prisoners alive for days. Eastern tribes often tortured prisoners as a means to test their bravery, and if the condemned died bravely, they sang his praises. The Commanches tortured prisoners because they wanted them to suffer. A couple of centuries of occupation will do that to you. And that's the key to the nature of the Moredhel; they look to all the lands they see as "theirs" and it's "occupied by invaders." They're not aggressive in a geo-political way, because they lack numbers, but they're good at recruiting gobblins to do their bidding. But they are unyealing whenever humans, dwarves, or elves run up against them.

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