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General FAQs - Midkemian Lore

  1. What about a book on the Chaos Wars or the Valheru?
  2. I want to find out more about Midkemian History
  3. What is the order of the Riftwars?
  4. Have you had this whole arc in place since the time you wrote Magician or has it eveolved as you wrote the other books?
  5. Wasn't there a huge map in Honest John's? That shown all known worlds, and gates?
  6. Are the Halls a natural phenomena, or have they been created by some public spirited race?
  7. Does anyone know how long the Chaos Wars lasted?
  8. Does anyone know how long before the Riftwar the Chaos Wars started?
  9. Does anyone know how long before the Riftwar the original Murmandamus started his uprising?
  10. Is there a definitive date as to how long the Kingdom has been around?
  11. Did you have the whole history of Midkemia worked out years before the books?
  12. Gods get their power via their worship. - Okay. I understand that bit. But how did they as "new gods" get enough "power" together to take on and throw out the Valheru ?
  13. The Kingdom of Isles, East - West divide
  14. What might happen if say, someone called their child Nalar?
  15. Why should Midkemia have 5 riftwars in 500 years, after having had none in the previous 10,000?
  16. Did you have a rough history of the Riftwars and Midkemia when you started writing ?
  17. Is the Assassins Guild Structured like the Thieves Guild ?
  18. Do the Mockers exist outside of Krondor ?
  19. What is Quegan Fire ?
  20. Can you explain some of the court titles and powers?
  21. Do Kingdom titles automatically pass to the child ?
  22. Where is Winet?
  23. What's the relationship of the Bas-Tyras to the throne?
  24. Is it only Elf names that are not mentioned after traveling to the Blessed Isles?
  25. How much background was written for Midkemia , before the books?
  26. When will the 5th Riftwar be set ?
  27. Were the Chaos wars a 'Riftwar'?
  28. Why is modern day History of the Riftwars vague?
  29. Do the female conDoins get buried in the family crypt in Rillanon?
  30. Does the honorific 'Heir Presumptive' apply when introducing any male in the line of succession?
  31. Why the different lengths to the Midkemian months?
  32. What was the Great Uprising?
  33. How many Suns and Moons has Midkemia?
  34. Which way does Midkemia rotate
  35. What is the ancient Tsurani translation for "one who stands between worlds"
  36. How evil are Dragons
  37. How intelligent are Dragons
  38. How big are Midkemian Dragons
  39. How powerfull are Dragons
  40. Is there an overall title for the Midkemia and Kelewan books
  41. What's Roldem like?
  42. What are the moredhel like?
  43. How tall are Kingdom men?
  44. What exactly are the Eldar?
  45. How powerful are dragons?
  46. How big is the Grey Towers mountain range?
  47. How does the legal system in the Kingdom work?
  48. How big is <some country>?